About Us

Mypetshop is an Online Pet Shop Malaysia based in Malaysia that has set a mission to make your life easier with simple online ordering and convenient home delivery. With helpful features from our website such as product’s price & details, product’s photos and product’s descriptions, you can always make an informed decision about which product is right for your pet. 

Our target will be individual consumer with cats & dogs, Pet Shops, Retailers/Supermarkets and Pet Shelter or any related organization. We strive in accommodate to all these parties to ensure a money worth upon what you received and definitely it’s not all about money as we care a lot about your pet as well.

For the time being, our products consist of Wet & Dry Cat Food, Wet & Dry Dog’s Food, Cat’s and Dog’s treats, Cat Litter Malaysia and theirs accessories, and we are in progress to insert many more products & brands for the year of 2017. Stay tuned with us ya! With a long research & after taking consideration of many aspects, we had chosen our vendor to supply our cat & dog’s food that able to provide us with all the quality needed and what we think best for your pets especially on the ingredients as we highly emphasize on your pet’s balanced diet and essential nutrition that helps for their growth.

Our Cat’s food brand range are Mia Michel, McBeal & Misha while our Dog’s food come in Monte, Michio & Minka. All of these brands had established with their own consumer target! And coming soon with lot of choices of cat accessories, dog accessories and other brands!