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  • Disposable Bag + Casing (Bulk) 10+5 pieces

    Disposable Bag + Casing (Bulk: 15 Casings + Disposable Bag roll in each)Product Features:✔ Bone..

    RM88.50 RM32.00
  • Disposable Bag + Casing x3 (Bundle)

    Note : Photo for illustration purpose onlyDisposable Bag + CasingProduct Features:✔ Bone-shaped..

    RM17.70 RM10.00
  • Dog Snacks Molar Tooth Cleaning / Teeth Cleaning Bone Dog Chew 100G

    Dog snacks molar tooth cleaning bone as a substitute for a Toothbrush! The Benefits:Improving T..

    RM15.00 RM10.00
  • Exclusive Mypetshop Car Sticker ( x 2 Pieces)

        ✔Road Tax Framed Sticker    ✔Size: 15.4cm x 14.2cm  &nbs..

    RM20.00 RM10.00
  • Limited Edition Mypetshop Foldable Backpack (25 Litre)

    Mypetshop backpacks comes with Blue, Green, Rose Red & Ash colors are good for all seasons and l..

    RM39.90 RM29.90
  • Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop (M size) x3

    Litter Lifter / Cat Litter Scoop (Size :M)Product Features:✔Non-corrosive power coated finish✔Ideal ..

    RM18.00 RM15.00
  • Mount Water Dispenser For Pet

    Product Features: ✔Designs are available in red & blue.✔The bottle clamp mounts with 4 stag..

    RM23.90 RM14.80
  • Pet Cooling Multi function / Self Cooling Gel Mat Pad 60cm*50cm*1cm

    Pet Cooling Multi function / Self Cooling Gel Mat PadHeight: 60cm      Width: 50cm &n..

    RM79.90 RM66.80
  • Pet Diamond Bone Shape Cat / Dog Anti Lost ID Tags x2 (Bundle)

    Pet Diamond Bone Shaped ID Tags (Anti Lost)-Suitable for Cats & Dogs✔Size:4.0*1.8cm✔Shape : Bone..

    RM13.00 RM13.00
  • Pet Mat

    Pet Mat✔The Pet Foot Relax Pad is a great item for your pet to rest on. It is slotted for all refuse..

    RM14.90 RM10.50
  • Pet Mat (Thick)

    Pet Mat (Thick & Wide)✔The Pet Foot Relax Pad is a great item for your pet to rest on. It is slo..

    RM20.90 RM15.90
  • Pet Shampoo Green-e Biodegradable 480g

    Pet Shampoo Green-e Biodegradable 480gGreen-e biodegradable pet shampoo contains ingredients that ar..

    RM49.00 RM39.80
  • Portable Pet Water Bottle

    ProductFeatures:✔Design are available in Pink & Blue.✔Available in 2 sizes, small 350ml &lar..

    RM19.90 RM11.20
  • Rawhide Stick Dog Treats 500G

    Rawhide Stick Dog Treats 500gm provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety. Especiall..

    RM19.90 RM14.30
  • Reflective Dog Leash

    Reflective Dog LeashProduct Features:✔Four Paws leashes offer a great way to walk pets while giving..

    RM39.90 RM21.20
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